White Russian

Rating: Five icy cubes 馃馃馃馃馃 Like iced coffee This classic milky drink is both simple and tasty. The smooth and chocolatety milkshake-like drink is a must-make if you aim for delicious decadence. Tastes: Chocolate, coffee, foamy Ingredients 2 oz. vodka 1 oz. Kahl煤a Whole milk or heavy cream Instructions Add vodka, Kahl煤a and ice to a rocks glass Top with milk, stir and serve

June 5, 2021 路 1 min 路 Frey Husted

Vodka Sidecar (fast)

Rating: Three fresh oranges & lemons 馃崐馃崑馃崐 Fresh & Powerful It tastes as sweet as a morning glass of orange juice, but hits as hard as a bowling ball hurled at 220 km/h. Do not underestimate the power of the Vodka Sidecar. Tastes: Zangy, lemon-y, bitter, sharp When to enjoy? Late-night; You鈥檒l not sleep on this drink, but you will sleep nicely afterwards. Ingredients 2 oz. vodka 1 oz. Cointreau 1 oz....

June 3, 2021 路 1 min 路 Frey Husted

Lemon Drop Martini

Rating: Three juicy lemons 馃崑馃崑馃崑 Fresh & Powerful This drink is fresh and and sweet. Much like lemonade, Lemon Drop Martini will leave a pleasant aftertaste giving an itch to take another sip. Tastes: Sweet, sour, lemony Ingredients 2 oz. vodka 1 oz. lemon juice 1 oz. simple syrup Instructions Wipe a lemon wedge around the rim of a cocktail glass, dip rim of glass into a bowl of sugar Add vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup to a shaker, fill with ice Shake thoroughly Strain into glass and enjoy Optional: decorate with lemon slice

May 23, 2021 路 1 min 路 Frey Husted