I went a bit crazy with this one.

Ever wanted to create an animated gif? If you’re already used to working in the Unity Engine, this is easy and achievable in a few minutes.

Install Unity Recorder

  • Create a new Scene
  • From Unity, open the Package Manager (Window -> Package Manager)
  • In the Unity Registry, find a package called ‘Unity Recorder’

Unity Recorder package.

  • Hit ‘Install’ and import the package

Setup Your Scene

Configure the Scene with GameObjects as you desire. I went with a lot of particle systems and a car with a simple spinning script. I use a pixelated camera as well for a retro effect. Make sure your camera is placed correctly and the aspect ratio fits the resolution you want your gif to be in.

Record To Gif

  • Open the Recorder Window (Window -> General -> Recorder -> Recorder Window)
  • Click ‘+Add Recorder’
  • Select ‘GIF Animation’

  • Choose a constant framerate (15 was fine for me) and make sure it is selecting the camera that you want (MainCamera is a camera with tag ‘MainCamera’)
  • Click ‘Start Recording’ to begin.
  • Open your gif from the path specified in the Recorder Window!

It’s definitely something.

It works with any Unity effect. Even green fog in a cyberpunk-style office.

This one got surprisingly trippy.