I love a good cup of coffee. You know what else I love? My time. To save time in the morning it can be incredibly lifesaving to have a nice home brewed cup ready to go. I simply pour mix hot water and pre-brewed coffee in a ratio of 1:1 to create a quick Americano. Due to the sweet and smooth flavor of cold brewed coffee, it works great for homemade ice-coffee.

Grind your own coffee beans I know, this is what they always say: “Do it all by yourself. it’ll be much tastier” And I know how ridiculous it seems. I am not advocating for anyone to quit their job and become a self-made coffee barista just for a morning coffee. But this step makes a difference though. Let me explain. 3 reasons to consider grinding it yourself:

  • Flavor - Freshly ground coffee tastes better
  • Price - It is cheaper than store-bought (true for expensive brands at least)
  • Speed - It only takes ~20 seconds to do

Seriously, grind your own coffee. Although it is a bit on the expensive side, I currently use the Baratza Vario Flat Burr Coffee Grinder. But really, any coffee grinder with settings for adjusting how fine/coarse to grind will do.

Make it the night before, wake up to great coffee I can greatly recommend this. The cold brewed coffee needs around 12 hours to really let every flavor out. Timing your batch to be ready in the early morning can help remove the amount of work needed upon waking up. This is especially nice for stressful weekday mornings. Making large batches at the time is also a good way to save time.

Coffee dripping!

The Recipe

You’ll need

  • Ground coffee (150 g / ~5.3 oz.)
  • Cold water (500 mL)


  1. Mix ground coffee and water in a medium sized mason jar
  2. Let it rest in the fridge for 12 hours (at least)
  3. Using a funnel and coffee filter, let the mixture slowly drip into a container.
  4. Enjoy with hot water as an Americano or mix with milk to create homemade iced coffee!

Easy! Your very own home brewed coffee is now ready. I can recommend making large portions and storing them in the fridge for a fast and easy cup during weekdays.