Let’s write about nothing for a second. Just nothing. No thing. Not a single thing. No themes, no story’s, no internal message. The porpuse of this text itself is pointless. Pointless means ‘without a point.’ Consequently this means that this text has no point. Well, that’s unsurpring considering that I’m writing about nothing.

Nothing = pointless?

If pointless things are things which have no point, does that mean a ball is pointless? A ball is spherical. A sphere has no points. What an interestingly uninteresting point I seem to have found.

If this text itself is pointless, which we already established, I would argue that if this text were a physical object, it would an object with a smooth shape. Surely, this text wouldn’t be a cube, since cubes have corners. And these corners are quite sharp, pointy.

Why is it so hard to write about nothing? Well, really every word has a meaning, and a text is just a collection of words. Words which individually have meaning. Imagine giving a monkey a tablet or a phone. Not just any tablet for phone. A tablet for phone with autocorrective features when spelling words. This monkey would then probably play around with the funny text screen for a while. At some point the monkey would have hit random letters in an order which would have produced one or more words. As we previously establish these words would have a meaning, since every word has a meaning. Surely the monkeys’ text would make sense, in some way or another. But the interpreted meaning would definitely not be the intended message of the monkey. The intended message would probably have been something closer to ‘bananas’ or a rise of some planet or similar.

Is it impossible to write nothing?

Everything means something, except for complete gibberish. Right? Let’s try:

nijogsng nagi isd jasd jghw2wpd kswjnr jqqhdh kdjdmjdnf kfjdf j fhagaj p2lr jkfjg0 01.

Well that line felt quite meaningless. I simply hit random buttons so it must be meaningless right? Maybe not. I remembered to hit the spacebar multiple times. I seemed to hit the ‘j’ key more often than ‘u’ for example. So this output wasn’t truly random. And really, what is truly random?